Sorry Dear, this project is now discontinued!

Author: Gaurav Saini

Dated: 17-Oct-2021

Hello friend, If you already know what this webpage was all about then I want to inform you that my degree course from GKV is about to complete and due to this I may not able to continuously be in touch with University colleagues and workflow and further I think it's ethically good to stop serving University related content from this webpage now on.

From now the paths .../myuniversity/, ../myuniversity/tech_docs/, .../myuniversity/courseworks/ of this website will redirect to current page only. While the permanant URL to your results will work till 1 Nov.

You can find GKV related content on GKV official websites and others like subdomain of

I may write some blog or host some other project on this website in future and if you want to subscribe to this website you can do so by sending "hi" in contact form, no need if you already contacted me, your contact email is already in that csv file.

Thank you!